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Everything You Didn’t Know About the 5 Panel Drug Screen.

Using drugs is a big deal especially if someone has to operate machinery or do work that requires fine coordination and you cannot afford to have employees who do not understand that it is important that they do not use drugs when they are working. Because you cannot follow the workers around checking on what they are doing, you have the authority to ask for drug tests occasionally. When it comes to drug testing, the 5-panel drug test is one of the most common ones. Cocaine is a problematic drug for many people which is why it is included in the 5-panel drug test. It is one of the drugs people are more likely to abuse. If used regularly, it causes physical dependence and severe psychological issues which is why it is considered one of the most dangerous drugs. Use of cocaine will even affect behavior and this is the last thing you want your employees to have.

The other important drug in the 5-panel test is the amphetamines. The drugs are made into pills and users snort them after they are crushed. Besides being a stimulant, users experience decreases appetite. Many who abuse it are after its side effects which include staying awake, focused and alert. However, it does not matter the reason why someone would like to stay awake because the use of amphetamines is not okay even though the project is important. Therefore, if one of your employees is found with amphetamines in the system even if he or she convinces you the use was for a good cause, you have the right to take action.

The next class of drugs included in the panel is methamphetamines. It comes in crystallized or powder form. Given that it is illegal, many people who cook meth improvise laboratories in their own houses which means establishing the strength and composition of the substance is very hard. Anyone who has injected or smoked meth will have a lot of energy and a sense of focus not to mention the euphoric feelings. One of the reasons why meth is very dangerous is that developing tolerance is very fast because the first time will not be like the next time because the user has to use a high amount of the product on subsequent uses in order to get at the level of high he or she had before.You cannot rely on employers who have a drug dependency and drug testing is something you have to take seriously.

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